Veterinary client engagement

I defined the user experience of the practice manager marketing and communications portal as well as the pet owner’s personalized pet site.

Guiding principle: There for you 24/7
Pet owners have limited time with the veterinary staff. After the visit, engagement is limited to reminder cards and a folder of printouts holding vaccination records, treatments, diagnosis, and medications. The internet is the go to for questions on pet health, and misinformation results in delayed treatment. Frequent afterhours calls are for records for kenneling or emergency situations. When thinking about marketing and communications, practice managers are sensitive to the perception of high cost visits and assuring clients feel the money they spend is focused on treatment.

  • Access to pet records anytime, anywhere. Pet owners go to their pet’s site for shareable pet records. They can print kennel records and request a pet card and key fob for kennel and emergency visits.
  • Proactively educate pet owners consistently in and out of the office. Pet owners see contextual links and a Facebook feed in their pet portal to access trusted information to learn more about diagnosis, medications, treatments, and vaccinations from Pet Health Network
  • Engage with clients as a pet partner post visit. Within the pet’s site, pet owners can request appointments and prescription refills. Beyond the pet’s site, the practice can leverage the curated Facebook feed for their Facebook page and website. A communications suite includes themed websites as well as cards, emails, and texts for birthday, events, seasonal messaging, and visit reminders. Visual design throughout the marketing platform are simple and approachable to evoke a design on a budget feel.