Tracker for ArcGIS

User location analysis to improve decision making and meet compliance

I am working with the Product Owner and Product Manger to define the UX strategy, scope, and scenarios for the product. In this case, I am splitting my additional time as project manager and designer.

Guiding principle: Don’t feel intrusive
From customer research we learned that during events, such as marathons, hurricanes, lost hikers, or active shooter, it is critical to know where responders and staff are and where they have been to allow supervisors to react and plan effectively. Today, organizations rely on Automated Vehicle Location, GPS devices, periodic phone calls, and marker notations on maps. Realtime location and history for a group of users is rare and inconsistently formatted.

  • Be thoughtful of privacy and security. Administrators control which users a supervisor can see and define the time frame for the event. Workers only see their own tracks.
  • Make informed decisions quickly and review the event. Supervisors analyze tracks based on region, time, activity, speed, and accuracy. Administrators customize the map with data needed for analysis.
  • Set it and forget it. Mobile users turn on tracking, define the tracking schedule, and focus on their work.